Meet the Executives

USGSA  Executives

Julianne King – President

Julianne was born and raised in Canmore, AB and did her undergrad degree in Sociology at the University of Calgary. She says “Howdy” un-ironically but does not like country music. Julianne moved from The Rockies to The Royal City in 2015 to enroll in the M.Urb program. She’s currently writing her thesis on economic resilience initiatives in Calgary – I guess you can take the girl out of the Stampede, but you can’t take the Stampede out of the girl. Just kidding, she hates The Stampede.

Julianne’s research interest include gardening and permaculture, data science and statistics, urban sociology and ethnography, placemaking and urban design, disaster management and community resilience.

Julianne is your current USGSA President. Bring her your ideas and aspirations, and also your concerns and frustrations. Together with the Executive Committee, Julianne strives to make the most of every Urb Student’s time in the program.

Kate Elliott – Treasurer

BC born and raised, Kate has a background in non-profit health and public education. Her favourite place to be is in a kayak on the ocean. Enrolled in SFU’s Urban Studies program since 2015, Kate has served as Secretary and is now Treasurer of the USGSA. Her interests include urban walkability and public green spaces.

She is co-creator of a mobile food security project (Gro-Carts), and has been seen wheeling grocery cart gardens through neighbourhoods in Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver. She is interested in the role grocery carts play in the urban ecology.

Krita Goomer – Secretary

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Krita moved to Vancouver to pursue the Urban Studies program at SFU. She completed her bachelors in architecture and is interested in planning, designing and building liveable communities.

She is passionate about and hopes to pursue sustainable urban development. New to Vancouver, she tries to bridge cultural barriers, bringing diverse views to the table. She serves as the secretary at the USGSA and is extremely driven to serve her fellow URBS.

Yida Lin – Member Outreach Coordinator

Yida Lin is an urban map enthusiast who enjoys collecting street maps of various cities around the world. Before becoming an Urbster, Yida has previously worked as a cartographic assistant at International Travel Maps and Books in Richmond where he helped edit maps of cities such as Vancouver, Boston, and Barcelona.

His current academic focus is on suburban form and housing, a topic that was introduced to him in his first Urban Studies class. After completing field school in Germany this summer, Yida is proud to have travelled to seven countries as of September 2017 (not as many as other Urbsters but still) and tries to practice his foreign languages, like French and Russian, when possible.

Steve Tornes – Social Coordinator

Having travelled across Canada, Steve tries to bring new theoretical perspectives to the discussion. With a B.A. in Politics and English Literature, Steve is more than happy to write a political theory essay in iambic pentameter.

Their interest resolves around urban environments, sustainability, political theory, gender theory, 1970s T.V shows, and postmodern literature. They have become strangely fixated on bike share programs.

Steve is your social coordinator and will be working hard to connect you to the resources you need.